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10 Oct 2021
Mobile Phone
The preorder was completely screwed up, the complaint at their customer care was closed without consent, finally the order was delivered and the customer care offered a gift coupon to be collected from Palestine store, the staff was extremely rude and don't know how such kind of people are even hired. Long story short, don't bother buying from this store. Worst place to deal with
26 Jun 2021
Samsung Fridge
I recently ordered a new Samsung fridge (111+342 litres), it got issues without freezer cooling , within few months after buying , contacted customer service - worst worst worst experience , our old fridge worked for 15 years without any issues , their product is of no use , on top of that they gave 10 years warranty !! Worst experience in “ extra store riyadh “ don’t ever buy anything from that store , customer service very very very extremely bad , we are without proper fridge for months !
21 Nov 2020
The purpose of Pre-order is to receive it on time. Extra Stores took the money saying it will be delivered on 13th Nov, and after placing the order, they removed the delivery date. After contacting them when you did not receive the item on the promised date, they do not care. If you were incompetent, you should not have took the Pre-order, I could have done with a different vendor. But you took the money and did not deliver on the date promised. And your customer service is worse than despicable. You are not providing any update on  عرض أقل
24 Oct 2020
iPhone 11
Guys please don’t buy anything from extra through online they cheated me 3000SR I have every day call customer care I lost too much riyal for calling also they cheated me
13 May 2020
My Package with Tracking ID 1Z4E93510496105623 is with UPS since 07-May-20 and it has not been delivered to me yet. The person who has this package, I am calling him since last three days. Sometimes he is saying he is coming in 2-hours, sometimes in 5-minutes and I did not receive the package yet. In the last three days, I have called him at-least ten times. This is my first time I am dealing with UPS and it is very frustrating and annoying experience for me. The person who has the package he does not  عرض أقل
22 Oct 2019
Smart watch
 عرض أقل
18 Nov 2018
10 Home Appliances
I purchased 10 home appliances from this store. 1. Washing machine delivered is faulty and store denied replacement. Suggesting to contact manufacturer for guarantee. 2. Refrigerator received with damaged door. 3. Installation for Ac was not provided. 4. Installation for lev TV was not provided. Guys stay away from this store. They are really bad at after sales services.
09 Oct 2018
Pre ordered Huawei Honor 8X and it arrived same as available on the store.
13 Apr 2018
tv and refrigerator
good and i will but again
08 Nov 2017
Worst e commece store i have ever seen, they will not even let u cancel your order. There customer service line is dead, no working phone number.
07 Nov 2017
Samsung s8 plus & other electronic items
worst customer service, no response from customer care number ,no online status or tracking for the shipment
10 Nov 2016
Air condition / Mobile accessories
I purchase AC from Extra website it took one month from the company to install it, later in the last promotion, I tries to buy small Items from the website ( Iphone case) and try to chase them to know the exact delivery date without any success, worst e-commerce experience ever !!!!!
25 Mar 2016
Good services we'll dealings and good support
11 Oct 2015
Apple iPhone 6s plus
It is Excellent. Apple is Apple. Nothing to describe more. After 6 plus, 6s plus has awesome camera and 3d touch
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