Kitchen Appliances in Saudi Arabia

Shopping for kitchen appliances can be extremely fun for any home cook enthusiast but at the same time it can be frustrating due to high prices. There are over 200 kettles to choose from? Are there seriously over 150 different choices for blenders ? Due to the large selections it can be overwhelming to choose which one is best for your needs and it also makes you wonder if you are really getting the best deal. To remove some complications from choosing your kitchen appliances, we have collected all the most popular products from all across Saudi Arabia. In addition there are also multiple stores to choose from so you know you’re getting the best deal.
Online Price Comparison
Having all your potential choices together on the same platform as well as having the option to compare prices, will make your life so much easier. If you’re looking to spend a certain amount on your toaster or microwave , you are able to filter the results to only display a certain price range to insure you only spend what you intend. There are also notifications on each product page which note when the last price drop was to make you feel even more comfortable that you are getting the best deal available.
Category details on pricena
The Kitchen Appliances category on pricena has more than 14637 products and 19 brands ,sold by 15 Stores. The prices of Kitchen Appliances in Saudi Arabia range from SAR 2 to SAR 1878. The most popular brands are 0, ATC, Fakir, Braun, Emjoi. You can refine the search results of Kitchen Appliances products by using advanced filters by brand, price range, store, .. The most popular Kitchen Appliances products on pricena are ATC سكين تقطيع كهربائي 120, مفرمة من كينوود -أبيض- OWCH580007, مفرمة لحم من Geepas -, خلاط يدوي MultiQuick 7 Aperitive, خلاط يدوي Optichef من Moulinex. By comparing prices before you buy, you can achieve Average savings in this category of SAR 6 and up to SAR 9.
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Panasonic Freezer on Top Refrigerator 13 Cu.Ft, White, NR-BC40SWSA BC40SWSA
Samsung Freezer on Top with Twin Cooling 440 Liter RT43K6300WWB
برادة ماء هومر حار بارد مع ثلاجة 16 لتر-HSA403-08 HSA403
Nikai Floor Standing Water Dispenser NWD1209TK
Hotpack 50-Piece Zipper Lock Bag Set Clear 10 x 19centimeter ZLB1019
LeoStar Washing Machine & Refrigerator Adjustable Stand ST-4307
Fakir Turkish Coffee Machine- 735 Watt, Red FKRCHTK2901R
صانعة قهوة تركي بيكو 2 فتحة احمر-BKK2113P BKK2113P BKK2113
كينوود صانعة الساندويش والشواء 2 في 1 1300 واط - OWSMP94.A0WH
جهاز صنع الساندويتشات والوافل وشواية 3 فى 1 من بلاك اند ديكر TS2090-B5 750 وات TS2090
Tefal Electric Rice Cooker RK101827 TFRK101827
ATC Arabian Pressure Cooker, 10 L, Multi Color - H-APS3610L APS3610L 10لتر
Other Bottled Drinking Hand Press Water Pump Dispenser GH4085
Kenwood Electric Kettle - OWJKP21001 JKP210 OWJKP210001
Kenwood 1.7 Liter Jug Electric Kettle - SJM280 owSJM28001
LG Dishwasher, 14 Place Setting, 9 Programs, White DFB512FW
غسالة صحون ميديا 14 خانة 7 دورات ابيض-WQP14-7617QW
WIDZ Measuring Spoons - 500g 0.1g LCD Display Digital Kitchen Measuring Spoon Electronic Digital Spoon Scale Mini Kitchen Scales Baking Accessories green
TOOYU Digital Scale Tempered Glass Electronic Weight Scale 180KG Bathroom Gym Smart Scale LCD Electronic Scale
Panasonic, Microwave Oven, NN-ST65JBSTM ST65JBSTM
LG Microwave Oven 20 L MS2042DB Black
Koolen Single Electric Burner Countertop Stove - 816105003
فرن مابي كهرباء 4 عين ابيض حلزوني-EML27WWF EML27WWF0 EML27WWF
DeLonghi Low Oil Fryer & Multicooker DLFH1373 FH1373
Delonghi 1.5 Liter Deep Fryer - DLFH1175 S FH1175
De'Longhi Delonghi Compact Air Purifier DLAC150 With DLAC75
Tefal Vacuum Cleaner X-Trem Power TW6984HA
Tefal Clipsominut Easy 6L Pressure Cooker - P4620766, Stainless Steel, Multi Color P4620766
Korkmaz Estra Trio Cooking Pot Set - 6 Pcs A1803
Hommer Toaster HSA206-02, White HSA206
Clikon Bread Toaster 2 Slices 700W CK2436 White
Moulinex Hand Mixer Easy Max. 200W, 2 Speeds,White HM250127
Moulinex Hand Mixer 450 watt DD451127
صانعة الوافل حجم صغير RE-5-065
Princess Waffle Maker Iron 1200W 132467 Black
Kenwood Je280 Citrus Juice 1l 40 Watt OWJE280001
Moulinex HM3101 Quick Mix Hand Mixer HM310127