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26 Oct 2018
by kald
حسب الموقع سوف يكون التوصيل خلال 3-5 ايام و مضى حوالي 10 ايام و لم يصل الطرد و لم يكن هناك تواصل من المتجر و كذلك لم يكن هناك رد او تجاوب على الهاتف او الايميل بالرغم ان الدفع كان مسبق و كذلك سعر الشحن و التوصيل كان مبهم حيث يوجد تسعيرتين و لم يُذكر سبب الفرق بينهم و لم يتم استرداد المبلغ و لم تصل البضاعة

Abdul Wahed General Info

Delivery Info
Delivery in 3-5 Business Days
Shipping Info
10 SAR
Ships From
Saudi Arabia
Payment Methods
Contact Information
Other Notes
15 SAR extra charge for COD

Abdul Wahed Return & Warranty Policies

Are returns permitted? What are the conditions and time limit?

Within (15) days from the date of your order, you can request a “Return Material Pre-Authorization” to return the product(s) to Abdulwahed Co.

Will I be refunded or given a store credit to buy something else from Abdul Wahed?

Shipping fees (& bank fees in case order was paid by credit card) will be deducted from the amount. These fees will be waived if the item was not as advertised, defective or not functioning well.

If I return the item, who pays for shipping the item back? Are there any other fees I need to pay to return the item?


How long will it take for me to get my refund from Abdul Wahed?

More info: http://abdulwahed.com/en/faq

What malfunctions or product problems do Abdul Wahed warranties cover?

Products sold by us are covered inside Saudi Arabia & warranty’s duration defers from a product to another so please keep your receipt for any maintenance or repair request. Local products warranty’s duration are subject to the local agent warranty’s terms & conditions. Please read the offer note against each item listed carefully.

If there is something wrong in the product which is under warrantee, how long will it take Abdul Wahed to pick it up, fix it and deliver it back?

Who pays for shipping back and re-delivering the item?

Can I return a product that has a malfunction and get my money back?

If an item I ordered turned out to be malfunctioning and Abdul Wahed doesn’t have any other in stock to replace it, what happens then?

More info:http://abdulwahed.com/en/faq

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