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02 Mar 2023
brand new laptop arrived broken and they refused to swop it out or refund my money they are scammers
07 May 2022
Most of my purchases are from Noon Store
نون من افضل متاجر التسوق الإلكترونية في السعودية ان لم يكن افضلها، يكفي ان لديهم سيارات خاصة للتوصيل الى اي مكان.
24 Apr 2022
This is the worst experience of my life to order from noon. They sent rotten meat which they packed yesterday and failed to deliver and now will not refund me.
This is the worst experience of my life to order from noon. This is the worst experience of my life to order from noon. They sent rotten meat that they packed yesterday and now will not process refund or replacement.
24 Apr 2022
This is the worst experience of my life to order from noon. They sent rotten meat which they packed yesterday and failed to deliver and now will not refund me.
22 Apr 2022
Noon has the literally worst customer service in UAE. The customer service executives fail to understand customer issues and are always in a rush to say" Thanks for contacting Noon. Have a nice day". I bought a laptop on 22nd of March and it never worked till date as it never gets charged. After 100s of emails and calls ( all proofs are securely kept), they gave me the address of service center to get it repaired. Why should I take the pain to get it repaired when it's brand new and the issue was reported in 3 days time.  read more
14 Mar 2022
Worse ever! I regret that I ordered in this company. I have been using many e-commerce company for years but my experience in Noon is a catastrophe. The delivery representatives are worse here in Saudi Arabia. They automatically cancelled after not trying to delivery my order. I even arranged time and location to the delivery representative but did not showed up.
27 Jan 2022
Not recommending Noon due to their manipulating and useless customer service.
18 Jan 2022
Customer Service in Riyadh has the worst agent I talked to... You should TRAIN your agents MORE... WORST!
01 Jan 2022
Macbook Air
I placed the order with Noon on November 11, 2021. I received the Macbook Air. I didn’t need it anymore so I decided to return it. The item was new, never used and not opened. Noon declined the refund, saying that the item returned was different from the one purchased. They shipped it back to me. Then I contacted their customer service and returned it again. Noon declined the refund again, saying this time that the item doesn’t meet their return policy. They tried to ship it back to me again but I refused to collect it. So  read more
14 Dec 2021
Trusted but now lost faith
A product worth 1000aed. Delivered damage and opened package. Returned it with option for return "no more needed" and commented below the reason "Damage package and opened package delivered". After 1 week of several calls and email noon came to pickup the return. Their QC inspection rejected my return and sending it back to me, for the same reason which i returned "Open package condition". Customer service, intead of sorting issue they advising me to accept the product and place return request again.
13 Dec 2021
A blue ray player worth 1000aed
Order recieved in open and damage condition. Return placed on 4th dec 2021 and noon collected by 11th dec 2021 after several complaints. Now noon QC rejected return that the product was not in sealed condition and time of return is over. I have all valid evidence.
06 Dec 2021
I'm beyond frustrated at this point. I paid for an order which was NOT delivered to me - the driver responsible marked on the system this order was delivered which is NOT the case. The customer service is SHOCKING! I've raised 5 official complaints to find out that someone in the logistics department has been closing ALL of my complaints and NOBODY is willing to help. I have called every day for the past 7 days and every time I have to re-explain myself to a new customer service rep who has all proven to be incapable of  read more
24 Apr 2021
I’ve been ordering from Noon and noon is the best! All original! As long as noon is the seller especially Apple Products!
03 Apr 2021
Pathetic customer service
12 Feb 2021
For the first time, I had a bad experience with Noon, their product delivery is awful. Why I have to spend my time proving that Noon delivered the wrong item, why I have to do all these submissions for their mistake. If you do a mistake - Noon must deliver the item was ordered, give a discount for their mistake instead of hundred times apologizing and waiting for their stupid return policy. Gosh, it is so frustrating with their silly excuses, you have to this and that - I don't have to do anything since initially, it was your Noon's  read more
27 Jan 2021
nintendo case but turn out to be ASA case
i bought over 30 times with amount 5000 SAR 90% of my purchase is a fake product or wrong product and instead of punishing the seller, Noon punishes the buyer by not refunding the shipping cost. the last product i bought cost me 70 sar and the prodcut was a fake knock-off 30 riyals, NOON, if u cannot control ur scamming sellers u dont desrve clients
16 Dec 2020
Playstation 5,
Hi all. I had the worst online shopping experience ever. Whole my life I never see something that awful. My order number NSACC0020569519. Was made in 7-dec. Until today-15-dec still IN PROCESS. Not even shipped. I called several times to explain that I need it asap as I will be traveling but nothing happened. Customer service doesn't have a clue when it will be shipped. ALL AVOID SHOPPING FROM NOON
11 Nov 2020
ساعة هواوي
صار عندي نون السباق في المواقع كلها ، خدمات ممتازة وسريعة جدا وتوصلني بعض الاوقات بوقت أقل من المتفق عليه وكل منتجاتهم موافقة لما كتب بالعرض وكمان عروضهم مميزة وكلمة حق أقولها حاليا أفضل موقع جربته هو نون
05 Jul 2020
ايفون 11 برو ماكس ، منتجات اغرى.
ممتاز وجوده تثق فيها ، اذا ما عجبك المنتج وغير مطابق للمواصفات يمكنك تبديله او ارجاع المنتج
24 Feb 2020
جيد جداً معظم الاغراض التي طلبتها وصلت بحالة جيدة وخدمة العملاء ممتازة .
25 Oct 2019
noon is a great store in used this coupon code to get 10% discount Code MAX208 AC3633
10 Oct 2019
Organic Essential Oil
Unreliable delivery and customer service Unreliable delivery and extremely inefficient customer service. I recently ordered organic essential oils in Riyadh. The first promise of the delivery failed, the driver requested the location via Whatsup which I provided within 5 min; the item was not delivered. I sent a message that I’m leaving the country and won’t be able to accept the order. The following day I received a call, while boarding the plane, that my order will be delivered that day. Another message sent. After I came back, I received a message that my item will be delivered  read more
12 Sep 2019
Subject: Warranty Claim - Order Number #NSAA300462454 Let me start with very bad service form warranty support team in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. I am struggling to get update on my warranty claim since 1 week. When ever i contact them via whatsapp "we raised a complaint and our relevant department and they will contact you within 24 Hours" They called me after 3 days although it was said 24 hrs, while talking to one the guy in Saudi Riyadh, phone got disconnected. They don't have courtesy to call back me and complete the communication. Unfortunately I cannot call back as  read more
15 May 2019
I bought two perfumes from noon seeing the discount, first perfume received in 1 day and was not a problem, for the second perfume the delivery was so poor that every time the delivery person (arabic speaking person) called I told him I am available at office no one would come, this happened almost 10 times, then when i called customer complaint centre operator 3 times, they would respond saying the issue will resolve in 24 hrs 48 hrs, but nothing happened, Eventhough the price is less of 45 SAR for the perfume I tried to get the delivery just  read more
22 Apr 2019
يد سوني
اشتريت يد سوني وكانت ليست اصلية , اليد بعد اقل من عشر ايام خربت !! الكبسات لا اعرف ما هو المصطلح , لكن يمكن نقول ذابت :) ,, عمر البطارية قصير جدا.
05 Mar 2019
1- all authentic 2- low prices 3- fast delivery 4- good service 5- no problems with returns
All products authentic! Very fast delivery! With return items no problem. I love NOON for service and prices! Big thanks Noon! Best wishes!
04 Mar 2019
اشتريت باور بنك من انكر جاتني كرتونه مفتوحه وقفل الحماية مكسورة . كلمت خدمة عملاء قالو ماتقدري تنزلي اي تقييم. صدمة وربي . مشترية ب ٢٦٥ اتوقع
30 Dec 2018
Dumbell20 kg
I visited Aramax many times they said they hav not received my delivery yet .they have also given the same number 9200027447 but when ever I called they said we wil inform to the authority thats it .From tracking number my Shipment was showing in Riyadh Aramax not in JAZAN
07 Dec 2018
I bought 3 perfumes from noon. Deliverly was included. Semsa delivery company sms me to come and take my delivery from their office. Delivery should be to my adress. 15 days and delivery not done.very bad services. I will never advise anybody to deal with them at all.
22 Nov 2018
أسوارة شاومي Mi Band 3
الطلب وصل في زمن قياسي يوم ونصف تم عمل خصم تلقائي تم اعطائي بطاقة خصم بمبلغ ٢٠٠ ريال
12 Aug 2018
ساعة الفجر و محفظة المونيوم (استلمت ساعة صينية - ومحفظة بلاستك)
احذرو هذا المتجر الفاشل - المعروض شي و اللي يوصلك شي ثاني!!! حصلت معي في منتجين
08 Aug 2018
Apple Ipad Pro 9.7 inches 32 Gb
I'm very satisfied with my order with this online shop, price is low, customer support is very responsive, and delivery was fast. two thumbs up!
31 Jul 2018
ايفون 5s عدد 2
من حيث سعر الجهاز كان متجر نون الارخص وقتها
24 Jul 2018
Sony XA2 Ultra
اشتريت جهاز جوال سوني بناء على بحثى على برايسنا و كانت أول تجربة ليا مع نون ليصل جوال سوني اخر بمواصفات مختلفة كلية عن المطلوب في عملية الشراء. تجربة سيئة لن أكرر و لن انصح بالشراء من نون
09 Jun 2018
ipad 2017
Trusted online store and authentic products.
30 May 2018
The Best!!! best price, best customer service!!!
25 Apr 2018
Very bad service. Got wrong order and after that they say they don't have replacement policy but refund only and I will get money in 30 days after reaching fulfillment center. For their mistake, I should wait for 30 days to get my money back. Really disappointing. First and last time purchase from Noon.
19 Mar 2018
Nike, Anker, Xiaomi
اشتريت منهم اكتر من مرة.. الأسعار ممتازة مع العلم اني لا اشتري الا بمقارنة السلعة بأكثر من مكان... جودة السلع ممتازة وكما يرد بالوصف.. خدمة التوصيل جيدة مقارنة انه يتم المحاسبة على الطلبية ككل وعدم تحميل المشتري رسوم التوصيل حتى ولو من اكتر من بائع.. خدمة العملاء متعاونة.. قدمت شكوى وتم حلها بنفس اليوم.. عروض جبارة لم أجد مثلها في سوق.. المتجر جديد ويتحسن.
07 Mar 2018
سئ في الخدمة والتوصيل طلبت مجموعة عطور بقيمة 905 ريال والمفروض موعد وصول الشحنة بعد يومين حسب الموقع وبعد مرور اكثر من أسبوع اتصل بي مندوب التوصيل واخبرني انه توجد إرسالية بقيمة 292 ريال سألته عن محتواها قال لا اعلم أخبرته ان طلبيتي بقيمة 905 ريال قال هذا ما وصلنا قلت له لا أريدها.
05 Feb 2018
fast and good quality
nike shoes and chrome cast 2
24 Jan 2018
من افضل الاسواق الصاعدة
07 Jan 2018
ايفون x
للاسف لا يلتزمون بالتوصيل الان انا اشتريت منهم ايفون x وانخدعت بالسعر الاقل ، لكن المنتج لم يصل و قد تم الشراء من 3 اسابيع و متاخر عن ميعاد الوصول لاسبوعين ، وعند التواصل مهم يماطلون ، قدمت شكوي في وزارة التجارة بحقهم ، نصيحة لا تشتروا من نون ولا يغركم السعر القليل فالواضح انهم اسوأ بكثير مما نتخيل.
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